Keep Fishing clean

Biodegradable fishing gear that lets us keep doing what we love

Plastic is a problem for fish and anglers

The Ones That Get Away Are Our #1 Priority

9 million tons of plastic is dumped into waterways and oceans each year - and every fish that eats undigestible plastic is fish that can't fully grow or spawn

Less Waste Today Means More Fishing Tomorrow

No one wants their prize catch to be a piece of garbage they reel in - that's why 4 out of 5 anglers already see themselves as guardians of our lakes and rivers

Make memories on the water that outlast biodegradable baits left in the water

Clean Catch's specially formulated baits begin breaking down into compost after 48 hours of submersion in water, fully dissolving after 6 months

Eco-Friendly Fishing Is Human-Friendly Fishing

Unlike soft plastic lures and baits, Clean Catch's biodegradable baits are made with edible, carcinogen-free materials

Our complete package

Our packaging will be 100% compostable and made from grinded wood chips and natural starch polymers.

Healthy Fish Make for Happy Anglers

"I have been looking for a product like this for years."

- Gerry Pollotta, Director of Slay Nation Tournament Fishing Canada